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PhD Safewax
The unique hygienic wax applicator system
PhD is the original, tried and tested hygienic tube applicator waxing system, distributed by Self Care in New Zealand and Australia.

The unique PhD applicator is attached to a tube of high quality wax and is applied directly and evenly onto the treatment area. The applicator is disposed of after each treatment, elimination the risk of cross-contamination. The applicator is never inserted into the wax container and has a unique gate mechanism to prevent wax from re-entering the tube.

With PhD you can offer your clients a professional, hygienic, quick, easy and less painful hair removal service, with the added assurance that there is no danger of infection.

Each starter system contains 40 applicators, 15 wax tubes, 100 pollen strips, 1 pre-lotion, a training video, an instruction booklet and a window decal.

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